Dear readers,

By way of petitpoussin comes two swell links:

First, theohzone:

“I haven’t written in a long time. I mean really written. More and more, I can’t use this blog as an actual tool for expression, for fear of being an indulgent, wasteful fool. What if people think I take myself seriously? What if I think my emotions matter? It’s embarrassing.”

Probably, if you’re not a blogger, miso’s words appear cryptic. If you are, then you know exactly the fear of melodrama, along with various occupational fears, that keep the important stuff out. But as I’ve said before, our theme here at the Kugelmass Episodes is embarrassment.

Second, Jane Awake:

Other than assonance, I also liked the idea of titling my blog after “Jane Awake” because O’Hara wrote quite a few poems for and about Jane, who must have been very important to him and indisputably was not me. Members of the New York School of poets often included their friends’ names in poems, and I like to imagine that if I had been alive when he was, I could have been O’Hara’s. Then perhaps he would have written about my riotous black sleep and murmuring need. Since I cannot be Jane, or any friend of O’Hara’s, especially considering that he died in 1966 in a sand buggy accident on Fire Island, I have named my blog in her honor.

This blog reminds me so much of what I like about Stove, Belt, HenHen, and the rest of the amateur detectives at Irvine that it’s just eerie.

A goodnight to you.