Monthly Archive: May, 2014

The Tyrion of the Majority

What follows is a close look at the impact of Tyrion Lannister here in the United States. In Florida, a man was accused of “rolling through” a stop sign “like it wasn’t even… Continue reading

Epiphany and Vocation

I reached this passage in Bleeding Edge, Thomas Pynchon’s new novel: “These are Wahhabists. They’re pretending [destroying Buddha statues is] spiritual, but it’s political, like they can’t deal with having any competition around.”… Continue reading

Those Meddling Kids: Lord of the Flies, Scooby-Doo, and The Wild Wild Net

When you watch Scooby-Doo, one thing’s for certain: the monster is not real. It’s never a monster. The monster ends up being somebody — usually old, always hiding in plain sight — seeking… Continue reading