The 100 Books You Must Read Before You Start Reading NYTimes Bestsellers In A State Of Vague, Dismal Distraction

THE RELIGIOUS BOOKS The Varieties of Religious Experience, William James The Bible (King James Edition), by people pretending to be God The Tao Te Ching, by Lao Tzu (trans. Stephen Mitchell) The Selected… Continue reading

50 Things I’ve Slowly Learned About Computers

Use an external mouse.   Use a password manager. LastPass is free.   Use distraction-free writing apps. FocusWriter for PC and Linux is free.   Don’t install betas or enroll in “insider” programs.… Continue reading

Retreat: Chapter 12

Here’s the new chapter of the novel. Retreat – Chapter 12 Read responsibly. -Kugelmass

Retreat: Chapter 11

Dear readers, I’m proud to announce Chapter 11 of Retreat, which is below. This begins Book II of the novel; the complete Book I is available here. This new chapter eliminates many of the… Continue reading

The Best and Worst of 2017

It’s a time-honored tradition: here are the best and worst things about 2017, brought to you by The Kugelmass Episodes. THE BEST OF 2017 Facebook Previously a “Worst of the Year” winner, Facebook… Continue reading

Retreat: Chapter 10

Dear readers, I’m pleased to present Chapter 10 of the novel Retreat, “When They Have Feelings.” -Kugelmass Retreat – Chapters 1-4 Retreat – Chapter 5 Retreat – Chapter 6 Retreat – Chapter 7… Continue reading

The Solution: Concert Control

Like many of you, we here at The Kugelmass Episodes have been thinking about the Las Vegas Strip Shooting of 2017, a horrific tragedy that must never happen again. But how can we… Continue reading

The Nostalgia Shows We’d Like To See

  So…a lot of performers are going around playing concerts where they re-create, in its entirety, whatever album made them the most famous. Thus you have Carole King playing all of Tapestry for… Continue reading

Max Weber and Political Ethics

Source: Max Weber and Political Ethics

The news…via Twitter

  My responses to a Twitter Insider survey about the news. I would like to apologize, in advance, for the way Twitter capitalizes “Tweet.” How, if at all, has Twitter changed the way… Continue reading