Monthly Archive: May, 2012

Past, present, future

I’ve been reflecting on the past over at Cowbird; my latest piece there, entitled “The Best Ever Death Metal Apartment in Berkeley,” took me until 6:30 in the morning. Also, I recommend it.… Continue reading

The complicated way to simple: the complete series

Well, things have been hopping around here of late, thanks to the overnight success of Describing Your Way To Happiness. Seriously, it has just been hugely thrilling for me. You guys are the… Continue reading

in memoriam

One of my two high school English teachers, Beth Ryan, passed away today. Aside from my parents, she was the person who did the most to help me create a future for myself.… Continue reading

We come from garageland, and we use garageband

Well, now that you’ve had time to absorb the full impact of T. S. Eliot’s unevenĀ Four Quartets, let’s turn our attention to hip-hop. Goodbye, “age of the iPod,” hello, “age of GarageBand.” A… Continue reading

these fragments i have shored against my ruins

shantih shantih shantih Repeated as here, a formal ending to an Upanishad. “The Peace which passeth understanding” is a feeble translation of the content of this word. -T. S. Eliot, author’s footnote to… Continue reading

it’s the metonymy, stupid

(A short post about politics.) So, a majority of voters in North Carolina voted to block gay men and women from marrying. Many comics on Twitter tried to make jokes satirizing this hateful… Continue reading

one good revolution deserves another

Well, guys, it’s over. We had a good run. We had Tony Soprano, Don Draper (back when he was fun), McNulty and Barksdale and Stringer (oh my), Al Swearengen, Hank Moody (back when… Continue reading

a la ventura: cassie’s syncopated heart

The genius of the heart who silences all that is loud and self-satisfied, teaching it to listen; who smooths rough souls and lets them taste a new desire — to lie still as… Continue reading