Monthly Archive: September, 2006

In response to your comments on fashion

So, I could answer your comments through the comments function, but I thought this was such a great crop (and feel so guilty about having nothing to say for a week) that I’ll… Continue reading

For what ails you

First of all, thanks to Juniper June, Matt, Joy, and Brandon for their comments on my last post. I’ll write a comment in response after this, and fix the broken link to Juniper… Continue reading

Ninotchka, it’s only a hat!

If fashion is your trade then when you’re naked I guess you must be unemployed, yeah -Pulp Was annoyed to discover that my taste in dresses exceeds my budget by a considerable margin.… Continue reading

This is not a post

OK, so it’s quite late in the evening, and I can’t think of anything to write, so we’re just going to report the entire text of a conversation I overheard at the Steelhead… Continue reading

Aaron Sorkin, come back here with Marx’s armchair!

My friend Tomemos recently blogged about the lack of coverage, by liberal blogs, of the recent fighting between Israel and Lebanon. He makes a good point, and, although I don’t usually read political… Continue reading

First Post to the Valve is up!

My first post to The Valve is up. If you are curious about Proust, love, holograms, Stanley Kubrick, or sin at the opera, you should go check it out. I’ve also gotten my… Continue reading

Burning Man Demystified, Part 3

This will be my last post on the Burning Man Festival. It’s a continuation of two earlier posts, written almost as soon as I returned, and published on Blogger. Throughout I’ve tried to… Continue reading

Responding to comments on “The Cowboy and the Stripper”

Because of the move from The World’s Forgotten Boy, I thought I’d respond to comments from petitpoussin, tomemos, and Julie here. In addition, tomemos’s comment never appeared online, so I’ll reprint it in… Continue reading

Welcome to The Kugelmass Episodes!

I’m Joseph Kugelmass, a graduate student in the English Department at UC Irvine. (Don’t worry, things get more interesting momentarily.) Because of the new Blogger Beta platform, I can’t import my old blog… Continue reading

The Last Post: Moving to The Kugelmass Episodes

It’s been pretty quiet here at TWFB for the past few days, because big changes are underway. Most important, we’re moving. The new blog is located here: The Kugelmass Episodes. What happened is… Continue reading