Monthly Archive: August, 2006

Good night and good luck

Dear friends and readers, I am off to Burning Man, to return middle of next week (Sept 4-5). This blog will of course be suspended until then; I sincerely apologize to those of… Continue reading

Ex post facto update (Re: why go into all this?)

Can you believe it? A charming friend of mine, fellow blogger 28 Toed Hen, just wrote the following entry. I’ve never breathed a whiff of patchouli, but from what I hear, it sounds… Continue reading

Burning Man and that dirty word "hippie"

To the thinkers of the town the impulse into [the desert] had ever been irresistible, not probably that they found God dwelling there, but that in its solitude they heard more certainly the… Continue reading

It’s springtime here at TWFB

So, we’re ringing in the new around here with a new look. Damn, I hate to see the Gothic black go. It just felt right. I kept planning to write the one sentence… Continue reading

Ecce Homo: How one becomes what one isn’t

Why I Am So Wise -Chapter title from Ecce Homo, by Friedrich Nietzsche I am a sick man…I am a wicked man. An unattractive man. I think my liver hurts. -Fyodor Dostoevsky, Notes… Continue reading

The stars down to earth

The mythologist cuts himself off from all the myth-consumers and this is no small matter. . . . To decipher the Tour de France or the `good French wine’ is to cut oneself… Continue reading

A sweet home in Savannah

During the course of this journey, it will become imperative that me and my friend listen to over 1,000 classic rock songs, and discuss each of them in full. We will, for example,… Continue reading

On Aptitudes

I’ve got one more quiet day of reflection and the Internet. We are getting up pretty early tomorrow — cow-milking early — to catch the flight to Fort Lauderdale. All my Old Navy… Continue reading