Monthly Archive: September, 2012

The story of modern wine and food

MY MOTHER: “So I brought in the wine that you carried home with you, and they gave me this wine, it’s fizzy, it’s a style called frizzante.” MY FATHER: “It’s a spritzer. Where is… Continue reading

You And I, We’re Gonna Live Forever: The Fountain and The Tree of Life

Originally, The Fountain was supposed to be a Brad Pitt project. It nearly died when he jumped ship; as it happens, he left in order to make another version of the same movie… Continue reading

No, sir, it’s a completely baked Alaska

What follows is the Google chat transcript of a knock-down, drag-out battle between myself and the ferocious Tristan Matthews on the subject of John Green, and more specifically his very Donna Tartt-like novel Looking… Continue reading

stories of sardinia: d. h. lawrence and grazia deledda

Below I’ve reproduced my review of D. H. Lawrence’s travel narrative, Sea and Sardinia, which I posted to Goodreads (my Goodreads page is here). I highly recommend checking out my other Sardinia-related review,… Continue reading

Kundera revisited: all mysteries revealed!

For those of you playing along at home, I did seek out as much biographical information about Milan Kundera as I could find, to see if my theories about The Unbearable Lightness of… Continue reading