Monthly Archive: February, 2012

My Day (With Apologies to Harper’s Index)

Total time spent on bed-related issues: 2 hours Amount of these two hours that were spent on fitted sheet: 15 minutes Amount of time doing exchange at Bed Bath & Beyond: 30 minutes… Continue reading

one night stand: the cowbird quandary

Dear readers, I’ve no idea if you’ve been following my updates on cowbird, but it’s turning out to be an interesting ride. On the one hand, I’m still incredibly excited about it. I… Continue reading

telling stories on cowbird

Dear readers, A heads-up that the brilliant Annie Correal (@anniecorreal) invited me to join Cowbird a few days ago, and I’m having tons of fun with it. I’ve posted three stories thus far.… Continue reading

american buddhism revisited

[Before we begin: if anyone is going to make a Buddhist approach to Western literary theory work, it’s Erin McNellis. I can’t imagine a stronger source of counter-arguments than her recent essay collection,… Continue reading

what we write about when we write about not writing: a music post

Last Friday, Maura Johnston posted a blog entry @ The Village Voice entitled “How Not To Write About Female Musicians: A Handy Guide.” It was a pretty solid post, overall. Johnston tore into… Continue reading

something very much amis

The following Facebook conversation represents my best attempt, in concert with my friend Brendan, to make sense, somehow, of the staggering revelation that Martin Amis, at one point in the early 1980s, wrote… Continue reading

what is the big lebowski about, you ask?

Well, basically, the book Tom Sawyer is about the olden days, back in the days of Huckleberry Finn. Back then, many people were so poor, they had no shoes and often wore only… Continue reading

A QB test and a Valentine’s Day playlist

First off, sorry for not posting yesterday. As you may have guessed, I got sucked into the endless labyrinth of simmering rage in the comments sections over at Lawyers/Guns/Money, which I encourage everyone… Continue reading

jeer9 steps to the plate

Man oh man, blog fights! Talk about the good old days…brings back memories, it does. Helping me recover those memories is incensed commenter jeer9, over at Lawyers Guns & Money, who went to… Continue reading

if i should mourn, i would only be in your way

One must have a heart of stone to read the death of Little Nell without laughing. -Oscar Wilde So, Whitney Houston died. At “Lawyers, Guns, and Money,” a fairly popular academic blog, Robert… Continue reading