Monthly Archive: April, 2007


Danah Boyd, the social researcher famous for her work on MySpace, has a new post up at apophenia about the book Generation Me, written by Jean Twenge. It’s along the lines of a… Continue reading

Debunking Andrew Scull: Michel Foucault’s History of Madness

(x-posted to The Valve) It is time, at last, for me to confront Andrew Scull’s recent review (now a little less so) of Michel Foucault’s book Madness and Civilization. The book has come… Continue reading

Derision Does Not Equal Theory

At the enjoyable, smartly written theory blog Antigram, Daniel has posted a new commentary by Jacques-Alain Miller (one of the executors of Jacques Lacan’s estate) on Google. Here’s an excerpt: Google serves a… Continue reading

On Decadence

In a remarkable new post at Is There No Sin In It?, A White Bear gives us her “half-assed” (not really) theory of decadence. She writes, I hold that decadence is taking pleasure… Continue reading

Plato and Derrida on Democracy: States of Desire

(x-posted to The Valve) In a recent post at the Lacanian blog Larval Subjects, the eponymous author (we’ll call him LS) writes: Is it truly possible, I wonder, to ever desire the difference… Continue reading

We’re back on the air, or, re-integration

Dear readers, I’m still learning about blogs, which is why I’ve gone through the drama of shutting this down, starting up a new blog, having lots of fun with it, and then porting… Continue reading

Absolutely Fun and True Fact #2

I am currently reading The Life of Samuel Johnson for my exam lists, and enjoying it fairly, even though it only has a claim on my Interest and Approbation rather than upon my… Continue reading

Poor, Unfortunate Societies: Getting to the Bottom of The Little Mermaid

Of all the works of art that haunt modern life — James Joyce’s Ulysses, Pablo Picasso’s Guernica, Igor Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring — perhaps none has caused as much critical puzzlement and dispute… Continue reading

Absolutely Fun and True Fact #1

If you whistle with a soft drink fast food straw held up to your lips, at the right angle, you will sound like you are playing pan pipes. I just figured this out… Continue reading

The Rejection Letter

Becks, over at the stream-of-consciousness blog Unfogged, asked us what to do about some poor guy’s manuscript, which apparently was as Freudian as a mispelled hero fantasy can get. She was asking us… Continue reading