Monthly Archive: October, 2011

The Quantum-Botticelli Personality Test

In honor of thisblueangel and her outstanding post on Meyer-Briggs Personality Tests, I’ve decided to write a new personality test that will deliver precise, often astonishing results. These are only the first ten… Continue reading

rolling in the deep

So here’s something that never happens in real life: people do not start to walk away from whoever they’re talking to, then suddenly freeze, back turned, when they hear that person add something… Continue reading

the realities of readership: on books that are too long

“I wonder if you could spare me a little of your time,” he inquired politely, “and help with a few small jobs?” “Why of course,” said the Humbug cheerfully. “Gladly,” added Tock. “Yes… Continue reading

state your name and #occupation

By now, #occupywallstreet has attracted so much commentary that, already, new commentaries are actually meta-commentaries, responding to ideas and criticisms of the movement currently circulating through the media and around the Internet. It… Continue reading

throwing a parfit

“This is not a book to be tossed aside lightly. It should be thrown with great force.” -Dorothy Parker Jed could run or walk, sing or talk and Compile thoughts and Solve lots… Continue reading

on moneyball

Cinematically, so little has happened between The Social Network and Moneyball that it’s been like holding one’s breath. A true and magnificent dynasty has, seemingly, arrived: Aaron Sorkin the screenwriter, David Fincher the… Continue reading

Check it: Dinah Press

Friend, fellow blogger, and author Julie Glassman, who writes the kind of prose that could cut a penny, has just co-launched a new independent publishing venture, Dinah Press. Worth a visit, especially with… Continue reading

(Alert) Reader Response Criticism!

Dear readers, As you know, Wednesdays are sometimes the days we read your mail. Bleary-eyed, holding a key with a spongy plastic cow keychain, we stumble outside and pull open the creaky mailbox.… Continue reading