Monthly Archive: November, 2006


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The Love of Argument: A Response to Michael Bérubé

(x-posted to The Valve) In this essay, I want to offer a response to Bérubé’s new book What’s Liberal About the Liberal Arts, rather than writing a review. My review is quite simple:… Continue reading

Promoting academic blogging at the MLA

Scott Kaufman at Acephalous has asked us to keep a series of links to a post (which is exclusively about this experiment) moving through the blogosphere, radiating out from Acephalous. He’s calling this… Continue reading

A Conversation with Bill Viola?

(The following is a transcript of a fictional conversation between myself, and an aging video artist by the name of Bill Viola. Any similarity between this character and the actual living artist Bill… Continue reading

Ethics and Melodrama 2: The Last Stand

Happy Thanksgiving! I am full of foods which you might already be able to guess (except for the pomegranate seeds), and am seriously considering, partly on the basis of today and partly on… Continue reading

What Happened

Ten thousand dollars at the drop of a hat I’d give it all gladly, if our lives could be like that -Bob Dylan I have received a few requests for descriptions of what… Continue reading

Birthday 1, Blog 0

Dear readers: Yesterday was my birthday, and marked the beginning of a three-day carnival deeply antithetical to the quiet reflection and hip-hop scansion required to post here. We are talking about kitsch marathons,… Continue reading

Superficiality, Alienation, Rhythm: Snoop, Clueless, Woody Allen, and the English Language

(Editor’s note: had to re-post to fix the numbering.) Because this is a post about language, we have to have a bunch of quotes right up front. It’s the capital S, oh yes,… Continue reading

Ethics and melodrama

Then last night, actually, it was our twentieth wedding anniversary. And I took Chiquita to see the show about Billie Holiday, and I looked at these show-business people, who know nothing about Billie… Continue reading

The full text of the PAMLA conference paper on Hegel

If reading close analyses of Hegel is the sort of thing you dig, I’ve included the full text of my conference paper below (“Another Sphere and Science: Aesthetics and Difference in The Science… Continue reading