Greatest Hits (Updated January 2017!)

Dim lights, big city

I’m more of a Catiline person

The argument sketch plus Barbie

Kristeva died for your sins

Smoking and time

The stars down to earth

Ninotchka, it’s only a hat!

The cowboy and the stripper (Part 1 and Part 2)

A conversation with Bill Viola

Snoop, Clueless, Woody Allen, and the English Language

Ethics and melodrama

The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, Modest Mouse

Murakami’s Norwegian Wood

Adventures in Birdland

No Desert Island: Towards A Gutsy Aesthetics Via Nabokov

Pablo Neruda’s Sublime

Children Of Men And Frank O’Hara’s Personism

On Pitilessness

Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Part 1 and Part 2)

On The Accusation Of Totalitarianism

The Laundry Post

A Zombie Tale

One Art

Betrayers: The full text of the talk on Genet, Joyce, Wilde, and Dylan

The Specter of the Name (For Jacques Derrida)

Poor, Unfortunate Societies: Getting to the Bottom of The Little Mermaid

On Decadence

Why I’m Not A Radical

Cansei De Ser Sexy and Joss Whedon’s Firefly

Farm Camp

Elliott Smith

The Talented Mr. Student

Why Americans Didn’t Watch The Oscars

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stranger: Heath Ledger’s Joker

At Least It’s An Ethos: Why Merging Composition With Rhetoric Is A Mistake

The History of Nice Guys

To Fix The Gash In Your Head

Avatar: The Film That’s Good For Somebody Else

I Can’t Believe I Just Watched Knocked Up

I Don’t Care What The Critics Say, I Love Mad Men (And The Sopranos and The Hills)

I’m McLovin’ It: Sexuality In The Age of Advertising

Citizen Zuckerberg: Social Networks and Social Capital

This Post Could Save Your Life

Malcolm Gladwell Invents Friendship, Disses Internet

on minimalism

passing on morality: the foundation for a better life

Making Email Better

Limitless: The Supremacy of Spiel

The Social Netflix

On Skipping Grades

no effexor for franzen

the quantum-botticelli personality test arrives!

provisions: on erin mcnellis’s impossible loves

the worst of 2011

filtering an epidemic

recap of the south carolina debate

music: will stenberg

these american lies

the online gallery: pinterest

the grand fork: sympathy, snark, and the battle for the internet

everything will last forever, now what?

a music post (on lana del rey and the hype)

a legitimate translation of “what must be said”

why i am leaving facebook

cheryl strayed’s wild

i don’t even see the code anymore

forgiving, forgetting

Mad Men, Mad Women, and Beethoven

AMC’s The Pitch: Ball Four

Your Vague Outline: On Rock Criticism

The Jonah Lehrer News Hour: Intellectual Property in the New Economy

Dara’s Story

On The Unbearably Important Writing of Milan Kundera (and the follow-up post)

Doctor Who Meets Hell’s Angels

Why You Should Buy T.A.T.u. Instead of Rihanna

The Minor Fall and the Major Lift, Part One: On Mozart

The Worst of 2012 (and 20 things you can safely ignore)

The Modern Lovers: Rodin, Robin Williams, and Ryan Gosling

Why Does Kryptonite Hurt Superman?

Of Our Elaborate Plans, The End: Saying Goodbye To Breaking Bad

“You Ought To Be Protected”: On Shaming

Contradisciplinary Presents: Spike Jonze’s Her

The Yellow Scarlet Letter: True Detective‘s Finale

The Tyrion of the Majority

Oh, The Humanities! : A Response to Nicholas Bourbaki

On Bach’s Cello Suites, As Played By Yo-Yo Ma

Strange Fruit: Thanks To The Tree of Life, We Now Have Lucy

Repression + Censorship + Digital Media: The Fappening

You’re Not Wrong, Walter: Chuck Klosterman On Watching Football

Jurassic World: The Restored Manuscript Of The Historic Kugelmass Interview

Man Versus Food: On Watching Television

FBI Says It Is Running Out Of People Who Can Partner Up With Weirdos

How Many Wives Does A Man Need? : On Knausgaard And Houellebecq

Nominal Distinctions: An Essay On The Death Of Antonin Scalia

The Spectre Of The State: A Talk About Bond

Why We Need The White Album

On Sadness

On Faith, Art, and Revolution

The Greatest Novel Of The Last 100 Years

Five Rules For Avoiding Shitty Classical Recordings

Why People Don’t Beat Addictions Or Keep Resolutions

20 More PhDs Gave Us A Dumbed-Down Summary Their Theses. #3 Is Amazing.

Re: The Deluxe Version of The Ramones

A Guide To Successful Customer Support Inquiries