Monthly Archive: September, 2009

Don’t Know Much About Politics: Tough Questions About the UC Walkout and the Cultural Studies Debate

(x-posted to The Valve) In the course of a single week, we have seen academics making noise on several different fronts related to politics. First of all, here in California, there has been… Continue reading

Bathos On The Big Screen: Jurassic Park and Sons of Anarchy

(x-posted to PopMatters and The Valve) Years ago, I remember my father saying that he had managed to watch Pulp Fiction because it was a “comic book.” I hadn’t been able to make… Continue reading

Veteran Rapper Grizzly Bear Releases New Street Epic “Veckatimest”

It seems like 2006 was ages ago, doesn’t it? Back then, when semi-unknown thug Grizzly Bear released his first big hit single, “Knife,” it was easy to read the lyrics as a double-edged… Continue reading