Monthly Archive: April, 2016

Our Emotions Get Carried Away Beyond Us

If it were necessary to make arrangements for it, my decision would be….that [my] friends should lay my body where they thought best….I shall leave it purely to custom to order this ceremony;… Continue reading

On Sadness

Mine is a long and sad tale. -The Mouse, Alice in Wonderland I am among those who are most free from this emotion. I neither like it nor think well of it, though the… Continue reading

We Reach The Same Ends By Discrepant Means

(NB. This is the first essay of mine on a topic from Michel de Montaigne. I plan to write at least one post for every essay by Montaigne; more than one, perhaps, in… Continue reading

A Prelude: The 21 Best Songs of 2015

Here you go (via Spotify). Here’s to 2015. Everything went wrong except the songs. Alexander Hamilton – Hamilton Soundtrack – Various I Really, Really Like You – Emotion – Carly Rae Jepsen The Night… Continue reading

Echo Homo: On Bossing Alexa Around

Today’s post arrives courtesy of, a site that alert reader Jessica Ehlers pointed out to me. Previously, I didn’t know this site existed. It’s some kind of networked blogging site, akin to… Continue reading

Princesses and Pedophiles: The New Anti-Criticism Goes Viral

A long time ago, on a blog far, far away… …was a post entitled “No Desert Island: Towards A Gutsy Aesthetics Via Nabokov.” In that post, I wrote the following: Lolita is a… Continue reading