Monthly Archive: February, 2007

Sexuality, Pop Culture, and Magic: The Prelude Starring Buffy

You are my sweetest downfall I loved you first , I loved you first Beneath the stars came falling on our heads But there just soft light, there just soft light Your hair… Continue reading

Admin Update: Comments

Dear readers, A mentally ill person has decided to sabotage this blog. As a result, I’m changing the comment policy so that new comments by new users have to be approved. Once I’ve… Continue reading

Sir, That’s Not How It Works

Here’s a blog worth checking out: I Am Livid. I don’t have a perfect sense of the man and his manner yet — sometimes he comes across as just your ordinary grumpy wanker… Continue reading

On The Accusation Of Totalitarianism

(x-posted to The Valve) (Update: all links should be working now.) It has become commonplace, these days, to associate numerous kinds of thought with totalitarianism. This, in itself, is remarkable, considering the legacy… Continue reading


I am opposed to dry wines, dark chocolate, unadulterated coffees, astringent music (like Clinic or Schoenberg), “cheese plates” for dessert, the entire life’s work of Mondrian, Scotch as opposed to bourbon, paradoxes, Marianne… Continue reading

Dancing, Playing Scrabble, and Fighting Dirty

It’s good to be back. I mentioned that I’d like to write aphoristic posts from time to time; this will be my first shot at doing that. Thanks to alert reader A.R., I… Continue reading

What’s On

Dear readers, I will be going on a vacation without going anywhere. Petitpoussin is visiting from her native country of Hawaii, and although we will be gathering the materials for many great blog… Continue reading

Invitations and Promises, or Irony vs. Irony

(x-posted to The Valve) This piece is a response to a series of posts at OubliĆ© Sur La Carte that send up (“roast” was his term) my essay on Paul de Man. It… Continue reading

From the archives: The Aquarium (short story)

Dear readers, For those of you who missed it: my story from an event the MFAs at Irvine held for MFAs and Ph.D. candidates alike. Our assignment was to write something about a… Continue reading

The deep down crazies, the wet willies, the screaming moist!

My sheets were taken from the dryer before the cycle finished. Oh, Lord Don’t take me from that dryer before my time My sheets are a light grey, a Target superstore grey, an… Continue reading