Monthly Archive: June, 2016

Amexicanada NO MORE!

(I am deeply indebted to this article for everything that follows below.) Dear readers, As you know, this is usually not a political blog. But today I want to raise an issue with… Continue reading

On Faith, Art, and Revolution

 . Dear readers, you know that here at The Kugelmass Episodes, we play your requests.  . The following long-form question comes from Jenn Lindsay, a wonderful theologian, musician, and friend. You can find… Continue reading

The American Experience: 100 Films About 50 States

I’m married to a Canadian, which recently led us both to ask the question: Which films, exactly, does a Canadian need to watch in order to understand America? The answers added up to the… Continue reading

On Radicalization: 10 Things Wrong With The Coverage Of Orlando

Something startles me where I thought I was safest. -Walt Whitman These murders were not a terrorist act perpetrated by ISIS. This was not a criminal conspiracy; it is different in kind from the terror attack in… Continue reading