Monthly Archive: September, 2011

make warcraft, not love (what’s wrong with the new yorker, part two)

I want to do some weird sex stuff but don’t have enough money for a hooker. Any grad students follow me? -Rob Delaney If you’re not trying to make something better than as… Continue reading

a little twitter is a dangerous thing

Because I follow Rob Delaney on Twitter, I recently had to slog through this article, possibly not only linked on Boing Boing but actually published by Boing Boing, on “Twitter, Epigrams, and Alexander… Continue reading

On skipping grades

A bit of a change from my other recent posts, but a worthy subject: should smart kids skip grades? Yesterday, an old friend asked me for an opinion about this, since his daughter… Continue reading

What’s wrong with the New Yorker?

I’ve just finished reading Louis Menand’s article on T. S. Eliot, part of the New Yorker’s “Critic-At-Large” series, which I’d guess accounts for most of the “literary criticism” its subscribers read on a… Continue reading

the gym

I am going to die. That’s not especially worrisome. What is worrisome is that my body is going to stop working. My calves are going to just sort of dry out and eventually… Continue reading