Monthly Archive: August, 2016

A Guide To Successful Customer Support Inquiries

Dear readers, Has this ever happened to you? You’re bumbling along, trying to be productive, and suddenly a piece of technology doesn’t work. It might be your broadband Internet. It might be your… Continue reading

Warned Too Late: Triggers and Television

One of my favorite quotes in Alice in Wonderland is said by the Caterpillar: “Wait!” he tells Alice, who is hastening on her way. “I have something important to say!” Ultimately, that’s why I’m writing about… Continue reading

Netflix in September: A Spontaneous, Unpredictable Guide

Dear readers, It’s been too long. I’ve missed this space. So I’m going to write a guide to what movies you could binge-watch right now, on Netflix, before they disappear from the site. Also… Continue reading

The problem with privilege

Dear readers, My last post was rather controversial. This was, predictably, excellent for the blog, which spiked to relatively new records for readership. At the same time, it was personally troubling, since I… Continue reading

New Post at BP Wrigleyville: The Cubs in the Age of the Auteur GM — The Spiel

I’m thrilled to announce that Baseball Prospectus’s Cubs site, BP Wrigleyville, has invited me to write the occasional Cubs-focused blog post for them! My first effort, The Cubs’ Curse in the Age of… Continue reading

The mommy goody bags that I will be handing out

Dear readers, I want to use this space to announce that I will be handing out something during all of my upcoming plane flights: porny sorry bags. Yes, “porny sorry bags.” So, during… Continue reading