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Retreat, now including Chapter 4

Dear readers, Chapters 1 through 5 of Retreat are now available, for your reading pleasure. Several changes have taken place. First of all, the entire novel is now presented solely in “Trixie,” because fonts matter.… Continue reading

Key and Peele’s “Prepared for Terries”

Dear readers, A while back, before I bought the 24 oz. Mega Monster Energy drink I am currently sipping, I published a post entitled “Man Versus Food,” about the dangers of good television. That… Continue reading

Man Versus Food: On Watching Television

PRELUDE Dog shit! Urine-stained dog shit! Rock ‘n’ roll is a blood sport, a sport of men. It’s for the people in the dark, the death cats, the masturbators, the outcasts who have… Continue reading

My video review, mid-film, of Pitch Perfect 2

Filmed outside of the movie theater. Enjoy! -Kugelmass

Charleston: A Very Short Post

I don’t have a lot to say about the shooting in South Carolina. Nothing in particular, other than my nationality and my grief, qualifies me to speak about it. It is so immensely horrible… Continue reading

The Kinship of Sports Bars

Originally posted on The Spiel:
Sorry for the long hiatus! I’ve been busy with work, and when not busy with work I’ve been distracted by, well, sports. The Giants have been lurching from…

BREAKING NEWS: Shamir Reveals That “Ratchet” Lyrics Were Partially Written By GarageBand

Welcome back, readers! Many of you are perhaps unfamiliar with Shamir and his new album, Ratchet. This is sad, because the news outlets tried — they really, really tried. The New Yorker’s Anwen Crawford profiled both artist and… Continue reading

Technical difficulties resolved!

Dear readers, That last post went up before it was actually finished. (In fact, one person “Liked” it before then, which I consider especially brave, and appreciate very much.) Now it’s got all… Continue reading

You Are Old, Father William: On “A Cure For Hyper-Parenting”

Dear readers, It has come to my attention that French people are obsessed with Pamela Druckerman. “She is so interested in us,” says one French person, who knows a lot of other French people.… Continue reading

Jurassic World: The Restored Manuscript Of The Historic Kugelmass Interview

It began as a consumer survey at the Connecticut Post Mall on September 20, 2014. Even now, we are still putting the pieces together, but some facts are not disputed by any of the… Continue reading