The Ten Rules For Writing Better Facebook Posts

  Dear readers, I’m inspired by this YouTube video, which Google posted to its new “hey, waste your time on this” BoingBoing imitation, currently featured at the bottom of (Actual quote from… Continue reading

Pyrrhic Victories: An Essay On Polite Differences

Pyrrhus, sir? Pyrrhus, a pier. All laughed. Mirthless high malicious laughter. Armstrong looked round at his classmates, silly glee in profile. In a moment they will laugh more loudly, aware of my lack… Continue reading

Retreat – Chapter 9

Here you are! Happy reading. -Kugelmass Retreat – Chapters 1-4 Retreat – Chapter 5 Retreat – Chapter 6 Retreat – Chapter 7 Retreat – Chapter 8 Retreat – Chapter 9

100 TV Shows You Shouldn’t Miss — You Won’t Believe #69

Compiled by top TV critics in their pajamas. 1. the sopranos 2. breaking bad 3. the wire 4. battlestar galactica 5. six feet under 6. the americans 7. arrested development 8. twin peaks… Continue reading

Retreat: Chapter 8

Here’s the new chapter of the novel! You can read the previous ones here. Retreat – Chapter 8

Retreat: Chapters 1-7

Guess who’s back? Here’s the new chapter of the novel, and all the ones before it. Enjoy. More is coming soon. I’m serious. -Kugelmass Retreat – Chapter 7 Retreat – Chapter 6 –… Continue reading

This Has Never Happened Before

I know you’re tired of reading about Trump. I know you wouldn’t expect the definitive piece of writing anticipating his Administration to come out of the blogosphere. Regardless, what Nicholas Bourbaki has to… Continue reading

A Sports Post: Are Baseball Cards Good Penny Stocks?

If you don’t follow sports, the only reason to read this post is that it’s really fun to watch a good debate. If you do follow sports, this post may save your life.… Continue reading

The Best Of The Kugelmass Episodes!

Dear readers, The greatest hits page has been updated. That hasn’t happened since 2012! Taken together, these essays represent the collection that I hope will long outlive me. (Not that it’s done growing,… Continue reading

The Worst of 2016

Dear readers, This is an exciting moment. Right now, only days after the beginning of 2017, we here at The Kugelmass Episodes are ready to reveal what was great — and what wasn’t… Continue reading