The mommy goody bags that I will be handing out

Dear readers, I want to use this space to announce that I will be handing out something during all of my upcoming plane flights: porny sorry bags. Yes, “porny sorry bags.” So, during… Continue reading

The Greatest Novel of the Last 100 Years

Here at The Kugelmass Episodes, we play your requests. Today’s request comes from alert reader Gopal Reddy, who asks, “What is the greatest novel of the last hundred years?” Well, if you are… Continue reading

Retreat: Chapters 1-6

At times I think there are no words, but these, to tell what’s true. –Bob Dylan Dear readers, The novel, continued. This is the first half of two twin chapters. -Kugelmass Retreat –… Continue reading

Responding To Evil: Steven Paulikas in the NYTimes

Gather around your caliph, so that you may return as you once were for ages, kings of the earth and knights of war. -ISIS press release declaring the “Islamic Caliphate” A few days ago,… Continue reading

Amexicanada NO MORE!

(I am deeply indebted to this article for everything that follows below.) Dear readers, As you know, this is usually not a political blog. But today I want to raise an issue with… Continue reading

On Faith, Art, and Revolution

 . Dear readers, you know that here at The Kugelmass Episodes, we play your requests.  . The following long-form question comes from Jenn Lindsay, a wonderful theologian, musician, and friend. You can find… Continue reading

The American Experience: 100 Films About 50 States

I’m married to a Canadian, which recently led us both to ask the question: Which films, exactly, does a Canadian need to watch in order to understand America? The answers added up to the… Continue reading

On Radicalization: 10 Things Wrong With The Coverage Of Orlando

Something startles me where I thought I was safest. -Walt Whitman These murders were not a terrorist act perpetrated by ISIS. This was not a criminal conspiracy; it is different in kind from the terror attack in… Continue reading

Trolls Gotta Troll: Is Fandom Broken?

A lot of people in the desperate situation of being famous and well-paid have been touting a new blog post entitled “Fandom Is Broken.” In this piece, one Devin Faraci complains that fandom… Continue reading

Our Emotions Get Carried Away Beyond Us

If it were necessary to make arrangements for it, my decision would be….that [my] friends should lay my body where they thought best….I shall leave it purely to custom to order this ceremony;… Continue reading