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50 Things I’ve Slowly Learned About Computers

Use an external mouse.   Use a password manager. LastPass is free.   Use distraction-free writing apps. FocusWriter for PC and Linux is free.   Don’t install betas or enroll in “insider” programs.… Continue reading

A Guide To Successful Customer Support Inquiries

Dear readers, Has this ever happened to you? You’re bumbling along, trying to be productive, and suddenly a piece of technology doesn’t work. It might be your broadband Internet. It might be your… Continue reading

Echo Homo: On Bossing Alexa Around

Today’s post arrives courtesy of Medium.com, a site that alert reader Jessica Ehlers pointed out to me. Previously, I didn’t know this site existed. It’s some kind of networked blogging site, akin to… Continue reading

on minimalism

We hammer wood for a house, but it is the inner space that makes it livable. We work with being but non-being is what we use. –Tao Te Ching, trans. Stephen Mitchell But… Continue reading