The blurb makes the man

I’ve got MySpace straightened out, finally. I recently learned that scientists put cheerful stickers on the foreheads of babies to test for self-recognition. The baby looks in the mirror, blushes, and touches their… Continue reading

Early this mornin’ when you knocked upon my door

Between now and tonight, I’ve got time to write about that droll old fellow the devil. Later I go to Claremont to see the Walkmen, and tomorrow John Darnielle comes out of hiding… Continue reading

The argument sketch plus Barbie

I got back very late last night from a party in Long Beach. Here’s what I loved about it: you have a bunch of thoughtful people eating their strawberries and cream, drinking sneak-attack… Continue reading

I’m more of a Catiline person

“Once in a while somebody comes along who says, ‘F— this!’, and that person becomes the voice of a generation.” –Henry Rollins, talking about quite a few of my favorite musicians This is… Continue reading

Nice going, IKEA boy

So, I made my first undergraduate cry today, when I told him he was failing my course without possibility of appeal. The worst part about it was that he started telling me about… Continue reading

Kristeva died for your sins

Somebody I just met, through a complicated snafu involving their blog and the anonymous comment function, asked me how the weather was out here. Well, I’ll tell you. We don’t have air conditioning.… Continue reading

Are the birds getting this emotional?

Alright, this illness of mine (“West Nile Bird Flu”) has officially passed beyond something fun which reminds me of watching Chicago Cubs day games, drinking ginger ale, and skipping school. It has somehow… Continue reading

I’m just illin’ like Bob Dylan

Well, about two weeks ago I had the thought: “Perhaps it would be nice to be sick. Then I could take things easy, spend a few days weak and enthralled by movies, and… Continue reading

Feeling good was easy, Lord

In The Varieties of Religious Experience James quotes the following passage from the life of Theodore Parker, a person about whom I know very little: “I have swum in clear sweet waters all… Continue reading

Dim lights, big city

Scenes from back East, this being only one. Home yesterday. I’m sitting in Logan International Airport, which, I have to believe, is where they set the scene in Garden State where all the… Continue reading