The stars down to earth

The mythologist cuts himself off from all the myth-consumers and this is no small matter. . . . To decipher the Tour de France or the `good French wine’ is to cut oneself… Continue reading

A sweet home in Savannah

During the course of this journey, it will become imperative that me and my friend listen to over 1,000 classic rock songs, and discuss each of them in full. We will, for example,… Continue reading

On Aptitudes

I’ve got one more quiet day of reflection and the Internet. We are getting up pretty early tomorrow — cow-milking early — to catch the flight to Fort Lauderdale. All my Old Navy… Continue reading

Get your motor runnin’

I’m writing a bookmark for now, to tide me over until I have more of a chance to write. It’s the end of the Andover Summer Session right now. Andover’s position on free… Continue reading

To whom it may concern

“I felt like telling them, I appreciate a joke as much as anybody. There have been many occasions in my life when I have wanted to say that. But it’s not a thing… Continue reading

Go South, young man

I need to go South. The majority of my romantic problems, past and present, have come from states belonging formerly to the Confederacy. It seems like a good idea to trace your heartaches… Continue reading

Let him rejoice who breathes up here in the roseate light!

The title of this post is drawn from one of my favorite moments in Freud: it is Schiller, actually, quoted by Freud in response to a friend’s passionate belief in the “oceanic state”… Continue reading

Smoking and time

(Reader’s note: This entry would be less self-conscious if I was actually cool and future-proof enough to smoke.) The way I see it, cigarettes are a game the smoker plays with time. I… Continue reading

We are back on the air

Dear Internet, it has been over a week since my last confession. It is remarkable to consider, given the relative brevity of that period, how much time I’ve had for cardinal sins, and… Continue reading

Phew! (for a minute there, I lost myself)

It is a marvelous feeling to recollect yourself. Tonight began on a blue note. Hungover, worn-out, I was on the blink, struck asunder by a strange feeling of being too late for my… Continue reading