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Jubilee Part 2: An Accidental Account of Thomas Pynchon and A Brief History of Tom Robbins

Okay, I lied. In my previous post, I claimed that in high school I read nothing but elevated works of high tragedy. You have to understand that it was four in the morning.… Continue reading

Jubilee: Epigraphs

Next day, with the courage you find you have when there is nothing more to lose, she got in touch. -Thomas Pynchon, from The Crying of Lot 49 You get a word from… Continue reading

Magnets and Babble

Falling in love also conforms frequently to this type, a latent process of unconscious preparation often preceding a sudden awakening to the fact that the mischief is irretrievably done. –William James, on conversion… Continue reading

Paul de Man’s Misreadings: A Critique of Aesthetic Ideology

(x-posted to The Valve) The following is an outline for a critique of Paul de Man’s influential essay on Blaise Pascal’s writings, and of de Man’s essay “The Concept of Irony,” in which… Continue reading

Burning Man Demystified, Part 3

This will be my last post on the Burning Man Festival. It’s a continuation of two earlier posts, written almost as soon as I returned, and published on Blogger. Throughout I’ve tried to… Continue reading