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Ethics and Melodrama 2: The Last Stand

Happy Thanksgiving! I am full of foods which you might already be able to guess (except for the pomegranate seeds), and am seriously considering, partly on the basis of today and partly on… Continue reading

Superficiality, Alienation, Rhythm: Snoop, Clueless, Woody Allen, and the English Language

(Editor’s note: had to re-post to fix the numbering.) Because this is a post about language, we have to have a bunch of quotes right up front. It’s the capital S, oh yes,… Continue reading

Ethics and melodrama

Then last night, actually, it was our twentieth wedding anniversary. And I took Chiquita to see the show about Billie Holiday, and I looked at these show-business people, who know nothing about Billie… Continue reading

From the archives: The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, and Modest Mouse

Since things are turning into a last chance Hegelian power drive over here, and I’m still woozy from the results of election night, I thought I’d just go ahead and re-print this little… Continue reading

A Terrible Beauty Is Born

Dear readers, Although I try to maintain a sort of constant state of annoyance and anger, because I find it helps my writing, I’ve been haunted by contentment for a week. Thus I’ve… Continue reading

I wish that there were more than the twenty four hours in the day

Would somebody please sweep these up into some sort of intelligible thing? • What the hell do they put in the coffee in Seattle? Nicotine, because it’s more addictive than heroin? People move… Continue reading

Tobias is not gay and the show is not cancelled

This is something I’ve been meaning to write about for awhile, but I haven’t had a good opportunity. Why is it that the third season of Arrested Development handles its closet case in… Continue reading

Top fives by request

Dear readers, I’ve started writing about Badiou and Zizek, and Stanley Fish and Walter Benn Michaels, over at The Valve. The point is what we lose by academic infighting: Forgetting the Apologists I’ve… Continue reading

The Trouble With Diversity

As a guest poster at The Valve, I’m delighted to have finished a response to The Trouble With Diversity by Walter Benn Michaels. My post , which you can read here, includes an… Continue reading

For what ails you

First of all, thanks to Juniper June, Matt, Joy, and Brandon for their comments on my last post. I’ll write a comment in response after this, and fix the broken link to Juniper… Continue reading