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Madness, Neither Free Nor Pure

Suppose one were to ask why so many Americans go mad: an estimated 57.7 million American adults suffer from some form of mental illness, and approximately one in four of those are seriously… Continue reading

I Will Cure Mental Illness Through The Power Of My Contempt

Apparently it’s stupid season again. Over at the Valve, one of my threads is in danger of being strangled to death by a commenter who not only believes that all communicative acts are… Continue reading

The rest of the Claybaugh review…

…is available here. I’m happy with it.

Nietzsche, Kant, Amanda Claybaugh

If, for some God-unknown reason, you are actually knee-deep enough in literary studies and philosophy and the like to want to read an essay on politics and literature, check out Part 1 of… Continue reading

The Specter of the Name (For Jacques Derrida)

(x-posted to The Valve) To cite before the beginning is to give the tone through the resonance of a few words, the meaning or form of which ought to set the stage. -Jacques… Continue reading

Betrayers: The full text of the talk on Genet, Joyce, Wilde, and Dylan

(x-posted to The Valve, of course) I’ve reproduced below the full text of my talk at UC Irvine on crime and political conscience in modern art. Since the talk is designed to give… Continue reading

These Aren’t Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog

Dear readers, In case you are one of those curious omnivores who want to read about the Law, here are two people covering the subject in surprising and compulsively readable ways. Lawyerverse. Wherein… Continue reading

Please Let The Devil Write Both Halves Of The Movie

The devil rides with me again He always says everything’s okay Maybe I’m losing sleep over nothing Maybe I’ll be just fine –Beulah, “Me And Jesus Don’t Talk Anymore” Today is International Women’s… Continue reading

Where I’m going, where I have been

I’ve been here and there in the blogosphere, so the absence of new posts is really an invitation to check out some fierce debates with remarkable writers. Thanks to all for your comments… Continue reading

On The Accusation Of Totalitarianism

(x-posted to The Valve) (Update: all links should be working now.) It has become commonplace, these days, to associate numerous kinds of thought with totalitarianism. This, in itself, is remarkable, considering the legacy… Continue reading