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You See, This Is Why We Lose

So there I was, doing nothing special, drinking strawberry juice, when a friend (who knows I’m teaching Discipline & Punish this quarter) sent me an article from the Canada Globe and Mail about… Continue reading

Beyond Values?

DM, at Antigram, has a new post up about the Zizek debate. It’s good; the first part of it is about Western “hedonism” and debate over enjoyment, which I’ll try to address in… Continue reading

In response to Jodi Dean, on radicalism

Her post, and this post as a comment with uncooperative formatting, is here. First, radicalism does not have to be a rhetoric of defeat–and I don’t think it always is. I think of… Continue reading

Absolutely Fun And True Fact #3: Superpowers

Rich Puchalsky, from the comments thread to my last post (note that Rich is being quoted out-of-context here, and is not being described in what follows): Since academic work is valuable, the problem… Continue reading

Why I’m Not A Radical

There are individual exceptions; but so far as a man sees the need for converting himself as well as the World, he is approximating to the religious point of view. But for most… Continue reading

Chaucer’s Prioress: Ignorance and Religious Violence

(x-posted to The Valve) Who’s up for a little Chaucer? Thanks to Eileen Joy’s new post, over at In The Middle, about “The Prioress’s Tale” from The Canterbury Tales, I’ve been thinking about… Continue reading


Danah Boyd, the social researcher famous for her work on MySpace, has a new post up at apophenia about the book Generation Me, written by Jean Twenge. It’s along the lines of a… Continue reading

Debunking Andrew Scull: Michel Foucault’s History of Madness

(x-posted to The Valve) It is time, at last, for me to confront Andrew Scull’s recent review (now a little less so) of Michel Foucault’s book Madness and Civilization. The book has come… Continue reading

Derision Does Not Equal Theory

At the enjoyable, smartly written theory blog Antigram, Daniel has posted a new commentary by Jacques-Alain Miller (one of the executors of Jacques Lacan’s estate) on Google. Here’s an excerpt: Google serves a… Continue reading

Plato and Derrida on Democracy: States of Desire

(x-posted to The Valve) In a recent post at the Lacanian blog Larval Subjects, the eponymous author (we’ll call him LS) writes: Is it truly possible, I wonder, to ever desire the difference… Continue reading