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stories of sardinia: d. h. lawrence and grazia deledda

Below I’ve reproduced my review of D. H. Lawrence’s travel narrative, Sea and Sardinia, which I posted to Goodreads (my Goodreads page is here). I highly recommend checking out my other Sardinia-related review,… Continue reading

Kundera revisited: all mysteries revealed!

For those of you playing along at home, I did seek out as much biographical information about Milan Kundera as I could find, to see if my theories about The Unbearable Lightness of… Continue reading

On the unbearably important writing of Milan Kundera

I have known all these situations, I have experienced them myself, yet none of them has given rise to the person my curriculum vitae and I represent. The characters in my novels are… Continue reading

Wait a second, that’s not the federal budget!

I thought you guys would enjoy a demolition job I’ve just completed on this Tea Party website, which pretends to be objective, and has managed to rise almost to the top of Google… Continue reading

tomemos talks plagiarism

It’s Saturday, which, as you know, is the day we here at The Kugelmass Episodes answer your letters. In case you missed it, here’s tomemo’s insightful comment on my Jonah Lehrer post: Joe,… Continue reading

The Terrible Ten: Modern Self-Help And A Lehrer Follow-Up

It’s extremely helpful when readers offer corrections; I can and do get the facts wrong sometimes, and I’m always happy to follow-up when there’s a reason to do so. My friend FM had… Continue reading

The Jonah Lehrer News Hour: Intellectual Property in the New Economy

a no uncertain quantity of obscene matter not protected by copriright in the United Stars of Ourania or bedeed and bedood and bedang and bedung to him, with this double dye, brought to… Continue reading

one good revolution deserves another

Well, guys, it’s over. We had a good run. We had Tony Soprano, Don Draper (back when he was fun), McNulty and Barksdale and Stringer (oh my), Al Swearengen, Hank Moody (back when… Continue reading

the new aesthetic?

Source: via Joseph on Pinterest ” Perhaps you have already observed that in Casablanca, life is cheap. *** A few days ago, theorist Ian Bogost published an article in The Atlantic that features this… Continue reading

A legitimate translation of Günter Grass’s “Was gesagt werden muss”

(UPDATE: Here are my notes on this and other translations. Since I first published this post, I have added a little bit of material to the fourth stanza. I am also indebted to… Continue reading