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Special Christmas Carol Edition: NPR and Villainy

Don’t repeat the same thing I just said, in different fucking words. –Ian McShane as “Al Swearingen” in Deadwood Something that I actually heard today on National Public Radio’s “Talk of the Nation”:… Continue reading

The Love of Argument: A Response to Michael Bérubé

(x-posted to The Valve) In this essay, I want to offer a response to Bérubé’s new book What’s Liberal About the Liberal Arts, rather than writing a review. My review is quite simple:… Continue reading

Ethics and Melodrama 2: The Last Stand

Happy Thanksgiving! I am full of foods which you might already be able to guess (except for the pomegranate seeds), and am seriously considering, partly on the basis of today and partly on… Continue reading

How to have reservations (aka The Political Post)

And it seemed as though in a little while the solution would be found, and then a new and glorious life would begin: and it was clear to both of them that the… Continue reading

From the archives: The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, and Modest Mouse

Since things are turning into a last chance Hegelian power drive over here, and I’m still woozy from the results of election night, I thought I’d just go ahead and re-print this little… Continue reading

Why “Bitch Ph.D” got it right

In my last post, I objected to “I Blame The Patriarchy” on the grounds that Twisty wasn’t presenting readers with a version of feminism that took into account the necessary solicitude between real… Continue reading

On Feminism and “I Blame The Patriarchy”

I really don’t want to fight a bunch of different battles when it comes to gender. I want to fight just one battle, for equality of the sexes. Which is why I’m sorry… Continue reading

The Trouble With Diversity

As a guest poster at The Valve, I’m delighted to have finished a response to The Trouble With Diversity by Walter Benn Michaels. My post , which you can read here, includes an… Continue reading

Aaron Sorkin, come back here with Marx’s armchair!

My friend Tomemos recently blogged about the lack of coverage, by liberal blogs, of the recent fighting between Israel and Lebanon. He makes a good point, and, although I don’t usually read political… Continue reading