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as a matter of fact it’s all dark: cyberpunk, language, and the two worlds

Emma Becciu, one of the most gifted interpreters I’ve ever known, has begun a language & translation blog. A lot of it is in Italian; if you can’t read that, turn on Chrome’s… Continue reading

The Jonah Lehrer News Hour: Intellectual Property in the New Economy

a no uncertain quantity of obscene matter not protected by copriright in the United Stars of Ourania or bedeed and bedood and bedang and bedung to him, with this double dye, brought to… Continue reading

Look Back In Anger: The Death of Literary Studies

(x-posted to The Valve) Amardeep Singh at The Valve drew my attention to this article by William Deresiewicz, writing for The Nation, and also to the outstanding response written by CR and posted… Continue reading

The Return of the SoCal Bloggers: Tomemos, Uncomplicatedly, Girl Detective, Surlacarte

Dear readers, Happy new year! Blogging is a reflection of brick-and-mortar communities, and it creates and sustains new communities of its own. Discussions begin through blogging that could never have happened otherwise, and… Continue reading

Gee, Officer Krupke: Disillusionment with Reflexivity

(x-posted to The Valve) (N.B. As I prepare simultaneously for a dissertation that will be grappling with the rise of self-help, and a post about sex and love, I find myself reading a… Continue reading

Here at The Kugelmass Episodes…

…we play your requests, as The Constructivist knows. Ben Wolfson‘s asked for copies of my current reading for my upcoming qualifying exams in literature. The exams are based on three lists and accompanying… Continue reading

Plato and Derrida on Democracy: States of Desire

(x-posted to The Valve) In a recent post at the Lacanian blog Larval Subjects, the eponymous author (we’ll call him LS) writes: Is it truly possible, I wonder, to ever desire the difference… Continue reading