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Keeping up with the Joneses

Two quick pointers: First, Brandon at Irrelevant Narcissism posted an angry response to Tomemos and I on the question of “Blog for Choice” day (pro-choice activism in the blogosphere). You can find his… Continue reading

The Poem and the Apocalypse, Part 2: Children of Men and Frank O’Hara’s Personism

(x-posted to The Valve) This is a continuation of my first post, from yesterday, on art and the apocalypse. (Note: K-Punk has also just published a very good analysis of Children of Men,… Continue reading

The poem and the apocalypse, part one: Destructive fantasies

(x-posted to The Valve) Recently, a number of different bloggers have begun writing on imaginings of the apocalypse, a theme that continues to haunt popular culture and that has changed in focus since… Continue reading

On Pitilessness

“A masterful young jockey, that;—’ll have his own road, if ever anybody would.” “Yes,” cried Ursula, in her hot, overbearing voice. “Why couldn’t he take the horse away, till the trucks had gone… Continue reading

The Ivory Webpage

We’re sporting a new layout, based on my re-consideration of what blogs are and do. There have been discussions around the blogosphere — at Acephalous, Rough Theory, and elsewhere — about what blogs… Continue reading

2006: Not Believing The Hype

We at the Kugelmass Episodes are proud to present our first-ever edition of Don’t Believe The Hype, an annual list of the top five deep disappointments. We estimate your savings at, bare minimum,… Continue reading

Jubilee Part 2: An Accidental Account of Thomas Pynchon and A Brief History of Tom Robbins

Okay, I lied. In my previous post, I claimed that in high school I read nothing but elevated works of high tragedy. You have to understand that it was four in the morning.… Continue reading

Night By Night: More On Taste

Dear readers, Since I just posted a huge comment over at the Valve, which contains a lot of my thinking about “taste” and arguments about taste, I figure I’ll reproduce it here and,… Continue reading

No Desert Island: Towards A Gutsy Aesthetics Via Nabokov

(x-posted to the Valve) Uh-oh. It’s that time again. Soon, every website remotely dealing with culture, plus a wide variety of magazines, will be talking up their “end of the year” lists. Regardless… Continue reading

Magnets and Babble

Falling in love also conforms frequently to this type, a latent process of unconscious preparation often preceding a sudden awakening to the fact that the mischief is irretrievably done. –William James, on conversion… Continue reading