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Five Rules For Avoiding Shitty Classical Recordings

As y’all know (yes, I’m getting “folksier”), here at The Kugelmass Episodes, we play your requests. Today’s question comes from alert reader Jenn Lindsay, whom you may remember from such posts as “On Faith,… Continue reading

The Best of 2013

Oh yes. It’s that time again, and the gloves are off, and the wisdom teeth are out. First up, some epigraphs. Most people who survive a devastating disaster want the opposite of a… Continue reading

“You Ought To Be Protected”: On Shaming

Dear readers, I’m back. I’ve gone, and returned, before. But I’m really feeling it this time. To put it simply: I need this blog to live. Intellectually speaking, I need it in order… Continue reading

the minor fall and the major lift, part one: on mozart

Note to the reader: the two performances above are both excellent realizations of Mozart’s musical ideas, even though, in both videos, the performers look totally ridiculous. I mean, just so bad. Like Monty… Continue reading

On the unbearably important writing of Milan Kundera

I have known all these situations, I have experienced them myself, yet none of them has given rise to the person my curriculum vitae and I represent. The characters in my novels are… Continue reading

a la ventura: cassie’s syncopated heart

The genius of the heart who silences all that is loud and self-satisfied, teaching it to listen; who smooths rough souls and lets them taste a new desire — to lie still as… Continue reading

alain de botton’s religious atheism

The dream is always the same. I awaken to find I’ve been transformed, not into a hideous insect, but into something much worse: Alain de Botton, my doppelganger. Like me, de Botton loves… Continue reading

what we write about when we write about not writing: a music post

Last Friday, Maura Johnston posted a blog entry @ The Village Voice entitled “How Not To Write About Female Musicians: A Handy Guide.” It was a pretty solid post, overall. Johnston tore into… Continue reading

Music: The Tallest Man on Earth

Dear readers, The following are annotations I sent my close friend tomemos, to accompany his birthday present. If you haven’t heard the songs themselves, delay no longer! *** Naturally, I don’t want to… Continue reading

On Writer’s Block and Responding to the Joker comments

Dear readers, Happy Indian summer, everybody! Even if you’ve already headed back to school, or are working an eight-to-five, there’s a dreamlike haze to August, a feeling as though there’s still one or… Continue reading