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The Assault on Hedonism, Part 1: Plutarch

(x-posted to The Valve) This morning, as I was rummaging in my fridge for celery, tomato juice, and raw eggs, it occurred to me that an all-out attack on the “permissive hedonism” of… Continue reading

Porn, Dracula, Lynch, Lebowski

(x-posted to The Valve) In a marvelous post at Is There No Sin In It?, A White Bear (AWB) gives us her definition of pornography: I’d like for [my students] to see pornography… Continue reading

Absolutely Fun And True Fact #3: Superpowers

Rich Puchalsky, from the comments thread to my last post (note that Rich is being quoted out-of-context here, and is not being described in what follows): Since academic work is valuable, the problem… Continue reading

Grizzly Man, A Thought

Dear readers, In response to your questions: My exams are scheduled for the end of May. * This is inspired by uncomplicatedly’s wonderful new post on Georges Bataille and Simone Weil, which ends… Continue reading

Betrayers: The full text of the talk on Genet, Joyce, Wilde, and Dylan

(x-posted to The Valve, of course) I’ve reproduced below the full text of my talk at UC Irvine on crime and political conscience in modern art. Since the talk is designed to give… Continue reading

One Art: Epigraphs And A Sketch of Loss

Let one ponder this and then think on a little further; certainly no-one will then speak of a ‘drive to knowledge in and for itself’! —Why then does man prefer the true to… Continue reading

Please Let The Devil Write Both Halves Of The Movie

The devil rides with me again He always says everything’s okay Maybe I’m losing sleep over nothing Maybe I’ll be just fine –Beulah, “Me And Jesus Don’t Talk Anymore” Today is International Women’s… Continue reading

The Debate Over Theory at the Valve

Dear readers, If you’d like to read my contribution to the ongoing debate about the historical status of “theory,” check out the new post at the Valve. I also give a negative review… Continue reading

V For Virtual

It occurred to me, as I’m sure it did to you, that certain parts of Children of Men bear an uncanny resemblance to a video game. For example, when Theo and Kee are… Continue reading

The Poem and the Apocalypse, Part 2: Children of Men and Frank O’Hara’s Personism

(x-posted to The Valve) This is a continuation of my first post, from yesterday, on art and the apocalypse. (Note: K-Punk has also just published a very good analysis of Children of Men,… Continue reading