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The Tyrion of the Majority

What follows is a close look at the impact of Tyrion Lannister here in the United States. In Florida, a man was accused of “rolling through” a stop sign “like it wasn’t even… Continue reading

A Cold Eye: Art’s Debt to the Living, and the Dead

D.B. asked me what I thought about all this stuff I just finished telling you about. I didn’t know what the hell to say. If you want to know the truth, I don’t… Continue reading

On writing essays, in college: An open letter to Rebecca Schuman

You say you mean well You don’t know what you mean You fucking oughta stay the hell Away from things you know nothing about -Elliott Smith I had no idea I’d be writing… Continue reading

It’s Fun To Stay At The U-Haul

(U-Haul. Sacramento. The other location near the one on El Camino.) Clerk: Before you came to get boxes here… you went to the El Camino location, right? Me: Yeah. Clerk: People always do… Continue reading

everything that rises must converge

LOIS: You look really solemn. ME: Eh, I’m just frustrated. I’ve started two novels in the past hour, and they were both terrible. LOIS: Write a novel yourself. ME: I am, that’s the… Continue reading

the short version of the interview

INTERVIEWER: What were some of the places you dreamed of visiting during those years? KUGELMASS: Interestingly, I’ve never had a strong preference for places. This has been true for as long as anyone… Continue reading

My Day (With Apologies to Harper’s Index)

Total time spent on bed-related issues: 2 hours Amount of these two hours that were spent on fitted sheet: 15 minutes Amount of time doing exchange at Bed Bath & Beyond: 30 minutes… Continue reading

On Writer’s Block and Responding to the Joker comments

Dear readers, Happy Indian summer, everybody! Even if you’ve already headed back to school, or are working an eight-to-five, there’s a dreamlike haze to August, a feeling as though there’s still one or… Continue reading

Parodying Academic Blogging

(x-posted to The Valve) Dear readers, In the spirit of the MLAde 2007, produced by two very funny UC Irvine grad students and distributed, guerrilla-style, around the conference, I’m pleased to present this… Continue reading

The Feminist Bookstore Video and Yes Means Yes

That prankster Jessica Valenti, of Feministing, is back at it (in the aftermath of her book Full Frontal Feminism) with an essay collection in progress entitled Yes Means Yes. As sometimes happens, I’ve… Continue reading