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A Little Something You Can Touch: HBO’s Wire and the Politics of Visual Media

(x-posted to The Valve) Spend some on a little something you can touch. A new car, a new coat…it’s why we get up in the morning. -The Greek You want it to be… Continue reading

100 TV Shows You Shouldn’t Miss — You Won’t Believe #69

Compiled by top TV critics in their pajamas. 1. the sopranos 2. breaking bad 3. the wire 4. battlestar galactica 5. six feet under 6. the americans 7. arrested development 8. twin peaks… Continue reading

Man Versus Food: On Watching Television

PRELUDE Dog shit! Urine-stained dog shit! Rock ‘n’ roll is a blood sport, a sport of men. It’s for the people in the dark, the death cats, the masturbators, the outcasts who have… Continue reading

The Worst Of 2012 (and 20 things you can safely ignore)

Hi there, everyone! Well, it took almost until the end of January, but I’m finally ready to reveal the best and the worst of 2012. It’s not an easy task. It means sitting… Continue reading

Idiot Wind: Julia Glassman’s Other Life Forms

In “The American Scholar,” Ralph Waldo Emerson said: As no air-pump can by any means make a perfect vacuum, so neither can any artist entirely exclude the conventional, the local, the perishable from… Continue reading

The Jonah Lehrer News Hour: Intellectual Property in the New Economy

a no uncertain quantity of obscene matter not protected by copriright in the United Stars of Ourania or bedeed and bedood and bedang and bedung to him, with this double dye, brought to… Continue reading

these american lies

Source: via Joseph on Pinterest * (Before we begin, good news: this sentence is the only time the word “truthiness” is going to appear anywhere in the essay.) America, its materialising spirit,… Continue reading

prelude: the best of anger

My friend Jenn Lindsay included a fantastic question in a letter yesterday: “In which writing do you think anger is well-expressed? In which work do you think graphic (violent) content is well-expressed?” There’s… Continue reading

a mind of winter

What do you say, team? It sounds like well-worn territory. The whole thing feels kind of trite. I say we forget it. Is that how everybody feels? Yeah. Well, it’s fine with me.… Continue reading

competition and abjection: the end of socializing

(Incredibly, when I opened WordPress to publish this, I saw a link to this blog post.) And says Bloom: What I meant about tennis, for example, is the agility and training of the… Continue reading