The Kinship of Sports Bars

Why aren’t you reading this blog? -Kugelmass

The Spiel

Sorry for the long hiatus! I’ve been busy with work, and when not busy with work I’ve been distracted by, well, sports. The Giants have been lurching from can’t-get-enough win streaks to can’t-look-away loss binges, and the Warriors, of course, are in the NBA Finals. I do have something in the works about the FIFA scandal, but before I get to that heaviness, I have to write about my experience watching Game 1 of the Finals last night at a San Francisco-themed sports bar here in LA.

For whatever reason, I haven’t spent much time watching televised sports with strangers—probably it’s that I’ve barely lived in my hometown since coming of drinking age, so where I am my teams aren’t on TV much in the first place. But I have watched a lot of World Cup soccer that way: in 2002 because I was studying in England, sports-starved, and didn’t have a TV; in…

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