Read this: Nicholas Bourbaki’s new blog on the humanities & the economy


Dear readers,

Some of you already know Nicholas Bourbaki; he has appeared, often in my company, on this very blog. There’s no rhyme or reason to his appearances, of course. He will show up, drop bombs, and then vanish for years at a stretch.

This time’s different. Nicholas is back, in a big way: he’s started his own blog, which, for reasons best known to himself, he calls Against The Logicians.

His blog is very new, but it’s already a wonder. It is not seriously concerned with logicians. Instead, it follows two main threads — on the humanities and the future of economics — and does so in clear and elegant prose, making arguments that actually deserve to be made, which isn’t common in either field, at least not at a level that’s also thoroughly accessible and un-academic.

I have lots to say about his posts, but since he has fashioned his blog in such an unusual and coherent way, I’ll start by linking it. Every single post is worth reading. Afterwards, there will be time for our simmering debates. Here you go:


Why are defenses of the humanities so weak?
A defense of the humanities (pt. 1)
A defense of the humanities (pt. 2)

Interlude: the academic left, imaginary politics, and the Reagan era


What would a progressive Milton Friedman say?

Background, Part 2: The Reagan Era

Background, Part 3: Today

Moving beyond the Reagan Era

What would the “Capitalism and Freedom” of a new progressive era say? (First Sketch)

Mankiw as Voice of the Reagan Era

A Problem of Labeling?


Nor is this (very long) list everything Bourbaki has to say, has said already, on these issues as well as a few enjoyable and sundry others. Head over there and check it out.

In the meantime, I’ve gotten the all-clear from Nicholas to respond to some of these posts. No joke: we may have an old-fashioned blogfight on our hands very soon.

Interwoven posts…contradisciplinary musings…I guess it must be said: welcome to the comeback of the academic blog. You’ve caught us at a good time.