Moral choices and foreign languages

My response is below! An outstanding post from Ms. Becciu (yet again). Enjoy.

Une belle infidèle! by Knotty Translations

I had a very interesting chat about free will the other day after reading this post, and I could not avoid relating it to what recent studies revealed about the influence of foreign languages over decision‑making processes. As Joseph says, when talking about hypothetically sharing his money with his neighbour because it is the best thing for both of them,

There are virtually no major questions in human lives that resolve themselves so neatly. Over and over, we find ourselves with incomplete information, making choices that may not lead to their intended outcomes. It is a vast enterprise of trial-and-error, and since nobody has that much more information than anyone else, it is essential to let individuals try things out for themselves, including stupid things.

We, therefore, make choices freely because we are ignorant and we have no complete knowledge of all the implications and consequences of those choices…

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