Me versus “Her”: MT versus AI

A follow-up to my Contradisciplinary with Sherwin Siy about HER; a great post by Emma Becciu about the film and its relevance to translation.

Une belle infidèle! by Knotty Translations

Samantha: I want to learn everything about everything.

Theodore: I love the way you look at the world.

(Turns out she has the mind of a translator!)

Here I am, as promised, or threatened, some days ago on Twitter. On Sunday, I partly watched Her. It has been a really interesting moment, with a movie that, respecting my original thoughts, was not really a great way to convey a message that, on the contrary, was interesting. In any case, contrary to all that I could have imagined, it touched me and made me think about different issues.

When I first hear about this movie, I just thought it was another “let’s try and make a huge philosophical point about human beings by using a really complicated surrounding tech world that prevents 80% of the audience from understanding the movie at all, let alone from receiving the message” kind…

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