Sometimes, you just have to write another post about feminism

Dear readers,

As you know, it’s Thursday, the day we read your letters.

Today I was fortunate enough to receive the following comment on my ancient post “On Feminism and I Blame The Patriarchy,” from alert reader MagicUnicornMark. Who probably doesn’t need anything further said about him, since I’ve just called attention to his actual, real Internet handle.

Here’s his comment:

“So let me promise you that my point is not merely that men also experience social pressure; truly, under many circumstances, they experience a lot less pressure than women do”

And yet men are three times more likely to commit suicide than women.

Let’s never forget that there are two sides to every coin, and sexism and double standards do not just affect women. Men can and are also the losers in many sexist double standards, one example being that they are far more likely to be jailed than a woman for the same crime, and to receive a longer sentence.

Ah, Mark.

Men are three times more likely to successfully commit suicide than women. They are not three times more likely to attempt suicide or be suicidally depressed. They are simply more likely to choose violent and extremely dangerous means of attempting suicide (which, nonetheless, does not mean that suicide attempts by women are necessarily “intended to fail,” or that men are trying to die more purposively).

Furthermore, a study of sentencing in 2009, which both preceded and obviated the 2012 study that received so much attention, suggested that the most likely reason why women receive shorter jail sentences, or no sentences at all, for the crimes they commit, has to do with the likelihood that women are in caretaker positions or have custody of a minor, and therefore have families that are being impacted severely by sentencing decisions.

So, yes, there are definitely two sides to every coin. And men make more of all of those coins.

Until next time, this is Joseph Kugelmass, saying…