Retreat: Chapter 5


I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking…Chapter 5?! What the hell happened to Chapter 4?!

I’ll tell you what happened to Chapter 4, and it’s called Major Life Events. Now Chapter 4 is coming, but since starting today we have unity of time and place, I thought, why ruin a good plan? So, in characteristically eccentric fashion, I am publishing Chapter 5 right now, and will be publishing Chapter 4 afterwards. Take that, Julio Cortázar! I win again!

Due to the inherent difficulties that formatting this chapter presented, I do not currently have a Helvetica version or a collated version of the whole thing. This will be remedied.

The story so far (intended font).

The story so far (Helvetica).

But most important…

Here’s Chapter 5!

Enjoy! The story continues on June 15th, and Chapter 4 will be up before then.