from this point forward

A particularly egregious example of what can happen to an author with one good book under his belt.

A re-dedication of the blog and some very important announcements.

First, I will be publishing my first and probably only novel, Retreat, here starting tomorrow.

Second, I’ve uploaded an essay that explains how my novel will be published, why I’m not planning to write any others, and what I see as the purpose of this blog.

Third, this Sunday, I will be talking with Sherwin Siy, Vice President of Legal Affairs at Public Knowledge, about the recent tragedy in Boston and the media response to it. I really like the potential of recorded Google Hangouts as a forum for intellectual exchange, and so does Sherwin, and we’re going to see how much we can do with that in the weeks to come. If you want to take part, email me!

Here is “An Ark Without A Covenant.” Enjoy.