The story of modern wine and food


MY MOTHER: “So I brought in the wine that you carried home with you, and they gave me this wine, it’s fizzy, it’s a style called frizzante.”

MY FATHER: “It’s a spritzer. Where is it from?”

MY MOTHER: “The ‘Piedmonte’ region. Which, by the way…where is it again?”

ME: “It’s near Spritzerland.”

MY FATHER: “That’s good, that’s like ‘Cowschwitz,’ though I don’t think that was original with you.”

ME: “Nope, that was from Michelle Chihara.”

MY FATHER: “Well, it’s perfect. Because now Lois says it every time we drive through there. ‘Cowschwitz!'”

ME: “You’re still angry about those steaks from Harris Ranch?”

MY MOTHER: “Oh, God.”

MY FATHER: “They were from Cowschwitz. No wonder they tasted like cow schwitz!”