The complicated way to simple: the complete series

Well, things have been hopping around here of late, thanks to the overnight success of Describing Your Way To Happiness. Seriously, it has just been hugely thrilling for me. You guys are the best! Even if I do still get nervous in front of the cameras. :) But actually Colbert was incredibly nice & down to earth! I’m always ready for a little bit of “razzing.” I wanted to say, Stephen, that’s Chapter Six! “Don’t Be Afraid Of Banana Peels,” am I right? But we’ll let him discover that for himself.

Anyway, people have been asking me for a list of the titles that make up my earlier, acclaimed book series, The Complicated Way to Simple, based on the teachings of Deepak Chopra, Andrew Weil, Dave Brubeck, and Manny Ramirez.

Remember, this is an eighteen part series, and each book costs only $19.99. That’s a $160 dollar value!

Here’s the complete list:

The 20 Habits of Spontaneous People

Take It From Me: You Don’t Need A Teacher

How To Convince Anyone To Purchase A Book

The Secret of Using What You Already Know

Wealth: A Spiritual Journey

Extraordinary Sufferers: A Practical Guide To Compassion

How Badly Do You Want Likability?

Overcoming The Win/Lose Mindset That Holds Others Back

Who Yodeled That Bluejay? Healthy Communicators and the Metaphor Smoothie

A Personality Test Designed For You, Your Partner, And Your Friend Samantha Who Happens To Be Standing Beside You Right Now

How To Stop Doing Things And Start Doing Things

Raising An Independent Child: The Comprehensive Guide

Surfing The Brainwave: Surprising Ways Science Is Proving The Wisdom Of The Ancients

A Hidden Code That Is Everywhere: How To Offend Anyone Who Knows About Schizophrenia Without Going Crazy

New Insights (10th Anniversary Edition)

Hi There Young’un!

Astral Ghosts On Peyote, Or, This Book Is No Longer In Print Because That Was A Different Time

Are You A Genius? The Answer May Surprise You, It Surprises A Lot of Geniuses