Monthly Archive: April, 2012

A legitimate translation of Günter Grass’s “Was gesagt werden muss”

(UPDATE: Here are my notes on this and other translations. Since I first published this post, I have added a little bit of material to the fourth stanza. I am also indebted to… Continue reading

why i am leaving facebook

Suppose an evil genie came up to you one day. “Hello,” he would say, in that indigo/violet way of his, “I am an evil genie.” “Hello,” you’d say. “Would you like to play… Continue reading

betty takes a bathos

It’s not Sloane Crosley’s fault. Crosley, one of the best essayists of our generation, got a gig writing Mad Men recaps for Esquire. I’m sure this sounded like a great job; I’m equally… Continue reading

cheryl strayed’s “wild”

Source: via Joseph on Pinterest * My desire to let Cheryl Strayed go in peace is almost as strong as my desire to record my own reactions to her book. Almost as… Continue reading