kicking it into high gear

And I say to you tonight: let us not forget. There is hope. There is hope!
-The Crystal Method, “Keep Hope Alive”

For those of you following the PowerPoint debate, my latest response to Aaron is here.

I’ve updated the Greatest Hits page, including a lot of recent material from after the site was reborn in mid-2011.

In fact, a lot has changed! I liked the old format fine, but let’s face it: it didn’t work very well. It wasn’t ready for the big time. (Incidentally, if anyone visited while construction was going on this morning, that must’ve been hilarious.)

What’s different? Well, for starters, my Twitter feed is now visible to your right, as are a handful of my most recent posts. There are even Twitter and RSS buttons up top, if you can imagine.

And how ’bout that uppermost widget showing the latest comments! The old theme didn’t allow this, and as a result, it was hard for everybody (even me) to keep track of ongoing conversations.

I’m still working on my blogroll, but for now, I’ve removed a bunch of links to sites that are either defunct or else just wastes of your time. There may still be some bad links or boring writers linked right now, but that should be fixed by tomorrow night.

Welcome to The Kugelmass Episodes. It’s a brand new day.

Interviewer: What were the skies like when you were young?

Rickie Lee Jones: They went on forever and they…when I…we lived in Arizona, and the skies always had little fluffy clouds in them, and they were long, and clear, and there were lots of stars at night. And when it rained it would all turn…it…they were beautiful, the most beautiful skies as a matter of fact — the sunsets were purple, and red, and yellow, and on fire.