Daily Archive: March 13, 2012

a really short blog post about camp

[Beginning in] the 1970s, the real is the impossible, most frequently manifesting in Lacan’s axiomatic declaration of the impossibility of a sexual relationship […] Men and women swerve away from the impossibility of… Continue reading

songs without radios defends a critic without a press card

Back in the day we would do this like every single post. I miss it. Here’s the incomparable Songs About Radios defending Morrissey quite ably: Seems a little mean to me to pick… Continue reading

we have met the enemy, and he is us: on amateur criticism

We are living in a golden age for art criticism. After a century of elitist theories, put forward by intellectuals like Dwight MacDonald, that the “common man” (whoever that is) isn’t interested in… Continue reading