what twitter apps are really saying

via Web: I’m curious if my friends are eating donuts (or, I’m eating a donut at a friend’s house right now, and I don’t have a smartphone)

via Timely.is: I intend to eat a donut later — or else I’m eating a donut right now, but it’s not my first one, and I don’t want to seem like a slob.

via Tweetbot for iOS: I make some or all of my living by being famous for telling people about eating donuts

via Tweet Button: It’s a slow day at work and this is a YouTube video in which a guy eats 50 donuts. Also, I’m eating a donut to stave off boredom/hunger

via HootSuite: I’m a publicist for a donut company. Donuts! Have you tried one today?

via TweetDeck: I’m a writer. Yes, I make and sell and eat and like donuts, but that’s not what I “do.”

via Twitteriffic: I used to eat more donuts. Whatever happened?

via Photos for iOS: Me and my friends eat donuts all the time. We’re kind of crazy around here! Check out this photo of us and our pastries!

via Twitter for iPhone: I don’t even know what a cake donut is. Is that, like, a donut with no frosting?

via Echofon: I can make this donut picture fullscreen in Lion!

via any service that includes the word “social”: I’m nervous that other people eat more donuts than I do. How many do YOU think I should eat?

via TweetMeme: And also, what KIND do you think I should get?

via MetroTwit: I blog about donuts at “The Kugelmass Episodes.”