telling stories on cowbird

Dear readers,

A heads-up that the brilliant Annie Correal (@anniecorreal) invited me to join Cowbird a few days ago, and I’m having tons of fun with it. I’ve posted three stories thus far. Cowbird is a (gorgeously designed) social network for storytelling. It’s actually doing something I had planned for this very space (see here)…even if cultural criticism later won its way back into my heart.

I’ll probably cross-post or re-write some of those stories on Cowbird, as I did with the (oddly relevant) story of talking about Buddhism with a park ranger in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Cowbird gives me a chance to write very compact true stories, free of the anxiety that American culture often produces in me. It’s also a chance to show my roots a little more: so far, two of my three stories have been family heirlooms.

The New York Times, incidentally, is all about it. Of course not every story is good, and there is a slight bias towards “sad kid with a big camera” emo stuff…but the overall quality of the writing is remarkable. The site is meant to inspire purposeful writing, and it does.

My Cowbird page is here.


PS. If you read the Times article — yeah, I know. I also wish Harris hadn’t said that thing about “soul food.” Resist the sound bite, Harris! Resist!